E-Fast 3 x 30 ml E-Liquid


E-Fast 3 x 30 ml E-Liquid



Product Description

E-Fast 30ml E-Liquid Assorted Strength Tobacco

3  mulitpack – Various flavors
Product Info
Premium E-Fast 30ml E-Liquid Assorted Strength Tobacco
Classic tobacco is understated and just that perfect familiar blend. This is the adult flavor for a refined palate that likes a traditional blend. Although having it as vapor will give you the best parts without the smoke, ash or tar
A fine blend of Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerine, providing the ultimate vaping experiencewithout any added chemicals
Ingredients: A blend of medical grade Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerine, Distilled Water, Natural and Artificial Flavourings & Diluted Liquid Nicotine (% as per label except in Omg products)
Nicotine levels:
• High 24mg/ml
• Medium 18mg/ml
• Low 12mg/ml
Can be used for all types of cartridges, Atomizers, clearomizer, etc.
Package may vary from one pack to another
E-Fast 10ml E-Liquid Assorted Strength Tobacco
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Premium E-Fast 10ml E-Liquid Assorted Strength TobaccoE-Fast 30ml E-Liquid Assorted Strength Tobacco


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